Dažai akriliniai ant audinio DeCola geltona vidutinio 50 ml

Žymos: nu, dažai textil, emalio nagų, audinio reljefiniai dažai, graco dažų purkštuvas, liguitex pilant vidutinio, dažų atsparumas vandeniui, pilant vidutinio nuostabus, audinio dažų purškimo, angelas dažai.

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Spalva-geltona vidutinio tipo akrilo tūris-50 ml gamintojas-Nevskaya paletė DeCola svoris-0,07 kg Длина-4 cm Высота-6 cm, Plotis-cm

  • Prekės Pavadinimas: NĖRA

The worst experience and worst seller on AliExpress. I do not recommend this seller, as they are liars and completely unprofessional. They sent my order On a completely different name, and only after I wrote them 100 times about it, they started doing something. And with all this, I was very roughly answered: this is not our problem, we do not know, and similar answers to remove responsibility. Also on their page it is written that the order will be delivered by courier, but later it turned out, that nothing like that. In general, I do not recommend this seller. You can't work.

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